Erinn Moriarty - Florida Educator Focused on Student Success

Erinn Moriarty

Having recently completed an MS in social sciences at Alabama’s Troy University, Erinn Moriarty is a respected educator who taught in Panama City at Palm Bay Prep Academy. Among the courses she taught to students in grades eight through ten were journalism, US history, and world history. Focused on improving student performance, Erinn Moriarty was able to help one student improve academic performance from a 1.5 grade point average (GPA) to a 3.0 GPA within a single semester.

Ms. Moriarty strove to ensure a safe, welcoming classroom environment for all students as a teacher. One way she has tried to reach her students is through Pokémon. She created a YouTube channel that combined her passion for history with the Pokémon card and video games that she enjoys playing with friends. Recent videos on her channel focus on topics such as purchases of unique Pokémon packs from Japan.

Ms. Moriarty earned a social studies undergraduate degree at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee and had the opportunity to study abroad. During her time at FSU, Erinn Moriarty secured spots on the president’s and dean’s lists.

Beyond her enjoyment of Pokémon, Erinn Moriarty values anything with a historical focus and is an avid reader and documentary watcher.